Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fresh Expressions

Bishop Graham Cray gave the missiology lectures at Fuller Seminary last year. He provides a summary of the Fresh Expressions movement in the UK. For example:
  • They know of about 3,000 fresh expressions of church in the UK. 90% of them have started since 2004
  • The Church of England this year will do church planting training in 40 locations. No-one in the country will be more than an hour's drive from a thorough course in cross-cultural mission.
  • A third of the UK population have never had any connection with a church and 'while we were busy doing church, the culture changed'. Reaching these is now cross-cultural ministry, pure and simple.
Absolutely fascinating way of whiling away a long journey or (as in my case) a sleepless night. Downloadable from the ITunes Store (for free): search for 'Graham Cray' or navigate to Fuller Seminary in I Tunes U.

Monday, January 04, 2010

FA cup third round

After six years of pain.

Good afternoon Man U.

It's important.