Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Two radical suggestions for new calendars

Calendars need a thorough shake-up and modernisation.

Here are some alternatives to the hackneyed and backward, 12-page, month-to-a-view calendar, in the spirit of the time-honoured principle beloved of politicians and managers wanting to make their mark: if you can't make improvements, make changes.

1. The seven-page calendar. A seven-page calendar would contain all the Tuesdays on one page, all the Wednesdays on another, and so on. You would turn it every day. Lots of us do the same things every week, except when we don't, and this calendar would enable us to grasp our commitment over a whole year.

2. The seek-and-you-will find calendar. This calendar has twelve pages like an ordinary calendar, but all the dates are spread randomly through the year. So, Thursday November 17 might be wedged between Sunday March 4 and Wednesday September 12th, all on the same page. Every time you added a calendar entry, you would have to hunt through the whole calendar to find where to put it; every new day, you would have to turn the pages on the calendar until you turned up the right entry\. This is, admittedly, harder to use than an ordinary calendar but it has certain philosophical advantages:

  • It provides useful brain stimulation every day
  • It occupies people for whom time hangs heavily on their hands
  • Each page gives you a snapshot of your entire year, in a way of your entire life, with the ordinary flow of months and seasons edited out. Useful for helping you discover if your life has any  meaning, purpose, or direction.