Monday, August 01, 2016

Great ideas: Clothes that tell you when they are out of fashion

I'm really surprised no-one has thought of this before.

Every piece of clothing you buy comes with a chip containing basic details which can be interrogated by smartphone.

Then you have an app on the phone -- call it 'Big Sister'. Put on an item of clothing that you fancy wearing tonight. Your pants/trousers, say. (Yeah, I know, pants are the second item of clothing but I'm assuming some basic apparel literacy here.) Then, scan your wardrobe with your smartphone.

The Big Sister app tells you if that T-shirt (a) matches (b) is still in fashion and (c) by consulting with the ambient weather, if it's warm and dry enough for the local conditions.

This is so cool. It might even say, 'You've warn that a lot. Maybe it's getting shabby?'
The app can also interrogate you calendar to let you know if (a) the garment suits the venue and (b) if the person you're meeting has seen it before.

All these problems of matching colours, styles, dressing appropriately: gone in a moment. Every day you'll be dressed stylishly, suitably, uniquely.

In the name of helping people everyone who find clothing confusing, and to whom real Big Sisters say the dread words 'You're not going out in that?', I waive all copywrite and patents on this idea.