Monday, October 03, 2016

Why you should lie when asked for your personal data

Thou shalt commit adulteration.
The really annoying people are those who insist on taking your full name and address, both phone numbers, and your email when all you want from them is a one-off internet purchase. I'm beginning to think the answer is to lie.
If we all do this, we will adulterate mailing lists with worthless data. Think of the benefits: companies won't get as much for them when they sell them. Hackers won't bother breaking into cybersecurity to obtain damaged goods. We'll get fewer unsolicited communications. Everyone wins, once we collectively decide to stop giving people our valuable data for free.
Here's my false address. Do join me on East Mosterly Road in the now sadly defunct county of Clackmannanshire.
West Mosterly House
617 East Mosterly Road
West Mosterly
RU2 4LS ('are you, too, false?')