Friday, October 03, 2008

The drugs scandal

Some figures out today:

  • 202,000 people had therapy for drug use in England last year from 150,000 tax-payer-funded employers in 'drug action teams'
  • 7,300 people were discharged drug-free.
  • This is a policy with a 96% failure rate.
  • We have 20 full-time members of a drug action team for every one person freed from drugs each year.
The UK's policy on drugs is so-called harm-reduction by parking heroin users (especially) on methodone prescriptions. The UK spends £250m a year on methodone and other similar drugs. Methodone is widely sold by methodone users.

Betel, the drug charity associated with the mission I work for, uses abstinence therapy rather than Methodone. In the UK, the tax payer only contributes Housing Benefit (which we are paying anyway). Betel currently has 0ver 1900 recovering addicts in communities in 75 cities across the world.

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